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CS06 - The Sacred Tarot The Art of Card Reading and the Underlying Spiritual Science


Discover the mystical world of the Tarot with “The Sacred Tarot,” the sixth book in the 21 Brotherhood of Light Course series by C. C. Zain. This timeless volume is a must-have for any metaphysics student and serves as an excellent companion to The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards. Dive deep into the world of esoteric knowledge and explore the intersections between Tarot, Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy, Magic, Numerology, Mystery School Initiation, Biblical references, and Freemasonry. Beautifully illustrated and indexed for easy reference, this book provides descriptions for twelve different tarot spreads that will help you unlock the secrets of the cards. With a table of correspondences that draws correlations between tarot arcanum and herbs, gems, minerals, Hebrew/Egyptian/Roman alphabets, numbers and astrological symbols; you’ll have all you need to delve even further into this fascinating world. “The Sacred Tarot” is suitable for use with any tarot deck including the popular Rider-Waite deck. However, it’s important to note that this book was specifically designed to complement The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards. With concepts presented that demonstrate advantages to both tarot readers and students of the occult alike. Explore serial lessons on topics such as Doctrine of Kabalism; Foundation of Science; Reading Names in Detail; Natural Talismans and Artificial Charms; Chronology of Tarot; How to Read Tarot and more in-depth chapters on involution/evolution of numbers as well as making an astrological chart. With 448 pages measuring 5 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches in size (ISBN: 978-0-87887-255-8), “The Sacred Tarot” is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding or expand their knowledge in this captivating field. Get your copy today and discover the secrets of the Tarot!

Horoscope 2020 - Astrology Software for Windows Hermetic Astrology at its Best


Horoscope 2020 is a powerful astrology software program that is perfect for both beginners and professional astrologers. It features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use tools for natal charts, transit returns, synastry chart comparison, and electional charts. One of its unique features is the In-Depth Chart Analysis Report that comes with interactive planet, sign, and house energy distribution diagrams. But what sets Horoscope 2020 apart from other astrology programs is its use of astrodynes. Astrodynes are a powerful tool that allows users to measure planetary power and harmony in both natal and progressed charts. The program provides many astrodyne-related features like Progressed Astrodyne Grids, Progressed Astrodyne Power vs Time Aspectograph, Summary Astrodynes for House and Sign Groups, Mundane Cycle Charts and Natal/Progressed Astrodynes for Planets, Houses and Signs. These tools give astrologers the ability to gain deeper insights into their clients’ lives. In addition to traditional astrology techniques such as Placidus or Porphyry house systems, Horoscope 2020 also includes advanced features such as an Aspect Grid showing astrodyne power and harmony for individual aspects and applying/separating aspects. Overall, Horoscope 2020 offers a comprehensive set of astrology tools that can help both novice and expert astrologers create detailed chart analysis reports using the latest Delta T predictions from the U.S Naval Observatory.


Our organization is dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering their purpose in the universe and fulfilling it. Our teachings are based on traditional wisdom while still acknowledging modern contributions to the science of the soul. By studying our 21-volume Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C.C. Zain, you can increase your spirituality, usefulness, and overall happiness. We believe that everyone has a part to play in re-establishing the Religion of the Stars on Earth, and we are excited to support you on your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth as well. As a non-profit religious group, we strive to make our teachings accessible to all who seek them.
Discover a world of opportunities with our exclusive membership benefits! Here’s what you can have access to as an official donating member of the Brotherhood of Light community: Pursue your dreams of becoming a Teacher, Hermetician, or Minister by passing our 21 Brotherhood of Light Lessons – all tailored to help you unlock your full potential. Get the support you need by applying for a Mentor – someone who can guide you through your studies and offer step-by-step guidance. Connect with like-minded individuals in our Private Esoteric Forum designed specifically for members like you. Enjoy group studies, member recommendations, informative videos, book discussions and more! Earn special Award Manuscripts each time you pass a course - these manuscripts are not-for-sale and will form a separate book containing the inner teachings of The Brotherhood of Light. Take advantage of opportunities for personal advancement within the organization and unlock deeper levels of knowledge and growth. Gain access to exclusive member-only content on our website that isn’t available anywhere else. You may also be eligible to join The Order of the Sphinx - an inner circle providing even greater opportunities for personal growth and exploration. Start your own study group or Church of Light Center and share your passion with others! And as a bonus - enjoy FREE domestic shipping and discounted international shipping on all online purchases when registered as a member on our website. Join us today and embark on an exciting journey towards enlightenment!

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